Poetry (Online)

"Sara’s First Lesson with Her New Piano Teacher," Gyroscope Review, forthcoming

"Sara Contemplates Where Her Parents Might Be" and "Sara Learns of Franz Stangl’s Death," in The Inflectionist Review, August 2022

Three Poems in The Night Heron Barks, Spring 2022

"Avraham on Freedom," Superstition Review, Issue 28, 2021

"Franz Stangl's Treblinka," Split Rock Review, Fall 2021

"Sara's Uniform," Small Orange, Autumn 2021

Five Poems in Atticus Review, July 2021

"Rabbi Avigdor Białostocki’s Dance," Harbor Review, July 2021

"Irena Sendler Saves Ava," Orange Blossom Review, Winter 2020

"Gellah's Badge;" "Matya's Separation;" "6,000 Corpses from the Siedlce, Poland Ghetto Arrive at Treblinka;" "Chaim Rumkowski Envisions the Moon as a Gentile Woman;" "Chaim Rumkowski Remembers Meeting a Girl Made of Sweet Kugel;" "Chaim Rumkowski on Deportations;" and "Chaim Rumkowski on His Exodus from a Russian Shtetl to Poland" in The Inflectionist Review, October 2020

"Elegy for the Travel Companion," Valparaiso Poetry Review, May 2020

"Chaja Kubrzanska's Bath," Mud Season Review: The Take, March 2020

"The Life Cycle of Deceit," Cider Press Review, January 2020

"Camp Synagogue, 1941;" "Mikhail's Soup;" "Hannah's New Home;" "Yakova's Parade;" and "Wilhelm Kube's Candy" in Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, December 2019

Two Poems in Flyway, Winter 2019

"Things Made of Brass," Tikkun Magazine, November 2018

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Two Poems in Tuck Magazine, April 2018

"Snow Globe," Tipton Poetry Journal, February 2018

"The Promenade," The Ekphrastic Review, June 2017

"Memphis, Tennessee" in Deep South Magazine, April 2014


Poetry (Print)

"Sara on the Train Ride to the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp," Beloit Poetry Journal, forthcoming

"Henryk Błaszczyk’s Cherries," The Idaho Review, forthcoming

"Avraham Leaves His Family Behind to Find Work," The Tusculum Review, Volume 18, 2022

"Marilyn and Clark in the Desert," I WANNA BE LOVED BY YOU: POEMS ON MARILYN MONROE, Milk and Cake Press, 2022

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Two Poems in Nimrod International Journal, Awards 43, Fall/Winter 2021

Two Poems in The MacGuffin, Issue 37, No. 3 (Fall/Winter 2021)

"Esther's Curfew," Yemassee, Issue 27, 2021

Two Poems in Stonecoast Review, Issue 15, Summer 2021

"Chaim Rumkowski on the Train Ride from the Łódź Ghetto to Auschwitz," Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Issue 52, 2020

Two Poems in The Heartland Review, Fall 2020

"Elegy for a Cicada Larva Shell," Stoneboat Literary Journal, Summer 2020

"The Halloween Spider," the minnesota review, Issue 94, 2020

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"Whirlpool Galaxy," Silk Road Review, Winter 2019

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"Drop," The Greensboro Review, Spring 2019

"Elegy for a Barracuda," The Carolina Quarterly, Spring / Summer 2018

"Elegy for the Cursed," The Bitter Oleander, Spring 2018

"Elegy for a Drop of Water," Flint Hills Review, 2018 Issue

"After a Night of Working Third Shift," The Binnacle Ultra-Short Edition, Fall 2008 (under the name "Liz Foster")



"Franz Stangl’s Letter to His Wife from Düsseldorf Prison," Ran Off with the Star Bassoon, December 2022

Craft Essay on "Franz Stangl's Treblinka," Split Rock Review, December 2021

"The Infanticide of Puah," Vestal Review, Issue 57, 2020